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Oceanside Inn. July 2016. What numbers say…

Once in my younger life I was fascinated with the idea of a black box. It can be anything, and enterprise, a device. You do not know how it works, but you are analyzing the input and output, and based on that you can make pretty relevant statements about the effectiveness of the system or […]

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Fountain Beach Resort. July 2016

There are 14 units for sale in this centrally located oceanfront condo-hotel. Comparing it to other condo-hotel, it does pretty well. The resort is in good shape both physically and financially. Surprisingly they are doing even better than some condo-hotels, that used to be a level or two better and had better clientele. Fountain beach […]

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Fountain Beach Resort. May 2016

Fountain Beach Resort seems to be enjoying the stability, and this is not all condo-hotels have at this point. They are stabilized, steady, and owner are, pretty much, happy. And for condo-hotels this is big. There are 10 units for sale in FBR, which is about 7% of all units in the resort, and this […]

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