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A Shot In The Head…

There was a time at Oceanside Inn, when they had quite a few owners defaulting on their payments, and the Association was in dire need of money to stay afloat. I remember that we contacted those in default, offered to do short sales for them and sold quite a few units bringing new owners, who […]

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The Board

I am working with condo-hotels for well over a decade and keep being surprised how things sometimes change. I was talking to the owner of unit in Fountain Beach Resort a few days ago. He was thinking about buying another unit in some other resort, and we were discussing his options. He mentioned a one-bedroom […]

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Skin in the Game. Oceanside Inn, Daytona Beach Shores

The best way to know something is to have your skin in the game. In condo-hotels our skin is that we own a unit in Oceanside Inn. So it is not surprising that of all the condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area, I, probably, know Oceanside Inn better than some others. There was no Board meeting […]

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