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Fountain Beach Resort. May 2016

Fountain Beach Resort seems to be enjoying the stability, and this is not all condo-hotels have at this point. They are stabilized, steady, and owner are, pretty much, happy. And for condo-hotels this is big. There are 10 units for sale in FBR, which is about 7% of all units in the resort, and this […]

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Plaza Resort & Spa. Market Snapshot. April 2016

There seems to be more activity behind the scenes in The Plaza Resort & Spa, that what we can see on the surface. Looks like timing is in Plaza’s favor, tourism in Central Florida is on the rise, and they might be on the brink of finally making some sense and break even, as being […]

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Daytona Inn Beach Resort

Daytona Inn Beach Resort is a condo-hotel in the heart of Beachside. Actually, it is right by the side of this arch over the ramp to the Beach “World’s Most Famous Beach” You simply can’t be more “central” to the beachside than this. The Condo-hotel was built as a Hotel in 1961. When I started […]

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