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Plaza Resort & Spa. Can Something be Done?

Of course, something can always be done. But this is not the right question. The right question is “Will it be done?” No… It is really very simple. Last meeting of the Board was over the phone. You could tune in and listen and participate no matter where you were at that time. There are […]

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Oceanside Inn. End of June, 2015

June 30, 2015 In Oceanside Inn the Board meetings seem to be the only time when membership gets any information regarding the affairs of the Association. Looks like the Board is clueless about transparency. They do not understand that it is not only easy to be transparent in the era of Internet, so that owners […]

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Plaza Resort & Spa, a Condo-Hotel in Daytona Beach

The condo-hotel market in Daytona Beach area is pretty sluggish, but as the saying goes, some are more sluggish than the others. These more sluggish than others seem to be The Plaza Resort & Spa, and Oceanside Inn. For some reason, while we read in the newspaper that tourism is up, the County collects significantly […]

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